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      Shaelone, is one of the solo projects of Lucas Vigneu, founder of SHLO MUSIC. He creates through this alibi an elegant electronic music, an intense and poetic story. With warm textured synthesizers, real percussions et his guitar, he finds the balance between analog, electric and electronic to compose his own stellar universe. His ultimate goal is to create a precise feeling in the listener to share it with him.



      • Carolina Herrera


      Shaelone reveals today a new facet of his elegant universe of electronica. “First Tape” reflects the analog recordings which weaved the EP through its journeys and encounters. From the poetry of “San’s Revenge” to the romantic power of “Painless”, Shaelone tells us an intense story bathed in warm textures and nostalgic melodies. The various feelings and influences involved in “First Tape” shows his ability to immerse us into his stellar universe.


      “For this project we really tried to capture and combine the raw organic nature of analog film. I was eager to try and juxtapose a sense of fleeting moments with the permanence of film by setting Prim against four different backgrounds and using a combination of 16mm, 8mm and VHS-C to shoot the video. The idea of capturing something so delicate and beautiful as dance while moving the viewer through all these different environments was something that Lucas and I felt would really sit alongside the track and it’s messages about the destruction and manipulation of nature. » Matthew Sterling (Director)


      « BADKARMA » reveals a contemplative universe, filled with organic sounds, dissonant leads, and uplifted with electronica and dub rhythmics. It is the result of the first meeting between 18 year old Shaelone and electronic music. The quite « young » production of this EP gives us however the feeling of a total sincerity and take us immediately into very dark feelings, somehow related to the EP’s title « Bakarma ». The single of this EP « Just Solar » was synchronized on the Carolina Herrera Campaign and allowed Shaelone to share a gig at The Bikini with Sevdaliza, Superpose, Romare and Canblaster.