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      Supernaive explore loneliness in new video for “Be My Friend”

      Shlo Music / 26 October 2018 / News

      “Anyone who has ever lived in a city knows that residing in a bustling place teeming with people and endless activities does not make you immune to loneliness. It may seem paradoxical, but it can be isolating to live in such a busy metropolis. The electronic group Supernaive explore this phenomenon in a new video of their single “Be My Friend,” from their Lions & Pigs EP, which came out back in April.

      The melancholic video, which was directed by A$AP Rocky collaborator Antoine Bal, explores the feelings of urban loneliness through the lens of a white collar worker who spends a night meandering through the streets of one of the most densely populated cities in the world: Tokyo. While the protagonist ventures through the city, encountering various characters and experiences along the way, he can’t seem to escape the feeling of solitude, which comes to a climax in the video’s final moments.

      The Paris and Tokyo-based brothers behind Supernaive have drawn inspiration from early 90s Japanese cinema for their music and were thrilled to be able to film a music video in Tokyo with local actors. “Be My Friend” was shot on film using Kodak 16mm stock, which gives it a nostalgic feel. Pairing that visual aesthetic with the propulsive, atmospheric music makes “Be My Friend” a memorable experience.”


      “The lonely nights half a world away are not that different from ours.
      Antoine Bal shot those in Tokyo for Supernaive, and it’s beautiful.”
      Trax Magazine 

      “We’ve find what you’re going to listen in loop this week-end  !”
      Technikart Magazine


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